The Importance of Creating A Personal Learning Network

Eric Sheninger (@e_sheninger), a Senior Fellow at the International Center for Leadership in Education, connects educators at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) 2016 conference to share their reflections after learning the importance of forming their own Personal Learning Network (PLN).

Click here to view Eric's Flipgrid from ASCD.

Flipgrid for Professional Development

Flipgrid was used at Bear Creek Middle School in Statham, GA to help promote their Redefined Learning Conference (RLC). RLC’s are put on by Microsoft Showcase schools across the world.  

Bear Creek was the first entirely school-led RLC and was the #1 attended to-date with over 1,100 attendees! Teachers used Flipgrid before the conference to promote their breakout sessions targeting either teachers, support staff, or leadership as the audience.  With over 100 sessions on topics ranging from personalized learning to effective leadership, there was definitely something valuable for every attendee.   Explore the grid below to learn more about the various sessions.

According to one of the organizers, "Flipgrid definitely helped us take our conference to another level.”  They are sharing Flipgrid and other learnings with the global RLC group in Seattle. To watch the Innovative Lesson and Project Competition Flipgrid submissions, click here.

To learn more about Beer Creek's Redefined Learning Conference, click here.

Geting Ready For FLAVA Fall Conference

In a creative reminder that presentation proposals for the 2016 FLAVA Conference are due on April 17, Heidi Trude (@htrude07) Social Media and Communications Chair for Foreign Language Association of Virginia (@FlavaWEB), calls out to previous presenters to submit a Flipgrid video sharing some wisdom from their FLAVA experience.

FLAVA provides, "an opportunity to share innovative teaching, techology, research and student success strategies." Heidi encourages past presenters to share their inspiration and advice about how presenting at FLAVA has helped their career. What a great way to engage educators in the days leading up to the conference!

Click here to view the FLAVA Flipgrid. To submit a FLAVA presentation proposal, click here.

Student Flipgrid Feedback

Flipgrid offers students the opportunity to learn from each other and find new ways to solve problems.  We often hear this from educators all over the world who love using Flipgrid for STEAM assignments.  Jared Vance (@Principal_Vance), principal of Kickemuit Middle School in Rhode Island, recently shared this same impact from a student perspective.

One student says, "I like how on Flipgrid people can give you feedback on what you did wrong and people can help you with it.”  Another student gives a math example of, “...with Flipgrid you get see others’ answers and what they got and see how they did it.”

It is great to hear students loving the interactions with their classmates on Flipgrid! To learn more about Kickemuit Middle School and Jared Vance’s work with DLT, click here.

Digital Learning Day

Certified Media Library Specialist Barbara Johnson (@technojohnson) used Flipgrid to gather reflections and feedback about experiences during Digital Learning Day at Colchester Public Schools. Throughout the day, attendees of all ages learned strategies for digital equity and received how-to tutorials in a “digital playground.” Barbara then embedded the Flipgrid directly into her post-event blog post. Great use of available tools, Barbara!

To see Barbara's full blog post, click here.

All Students Deserve A Voice

The Flipgrid team is honored to enable all students to share their voice. It’s always exciting when educators take the time to share their enthusiasm for the projects they plan and the work of students. We regularly see Flipgrid paired (and grouped!) with other technologies to be used together during a single classroom project. This tweet from Lorraine Schoen (@lmcschoen) shares a great example of how her students use Flipgrid to reflect on the use of another educational technology. Thanks for sharing, Lorraine!

To view Lorraine's Flipgrid, click here.