Flipgrid + Student Privacy

The following is a note from Flipgrid CEO Jim Leslie.

Student voice is amplified when teachers create a safe, encouraging environment for their classes. Every day, Flipgrid teachers tell us about the amazingly creative spaces they've developed for students to discover and share their voices with each other. 

Teachers have always been in control of their grids. They set how open or restricted grid access is as well as how content is managed. Flipgrid content is owned by the schools, teachers, and students who create it. We don't market to students, and we ensure that we and our partners use appropriate security measures to encourage student voice while protecting student privacy.

Today, we are pleased to announce that our efforts and policies have been recognized by the Student Privacy Pledge (www.studentprivacypledge.org). As a signatory, Flipgrid has both passed a policy review by the Future of Privacy Forum, as well as pledged to support student privacy in the future.

For more information on the specifics of our policies and principles, please visit https://legal.flipgrid.com/


Announcing the Flipgrid Student Art Contest

The following is a guest post from Flipgrid designer Sindy Gebhard.

As many of you know, in Flipgrid you have the ability to customize the cover image for any of your grids, choosing from one of our 40+ images or uploading one of your own. Over the next few months we’ll be putting together a new batch of images and we want to showcase the creativity of your students!

Announcing the Flipgrid Student Art Contest

Between now and June 16th, we invite your students to submit images for a special gallery we’ll make available this fall. Here are the details:

  • Images can be photos, designs, or drawings, but must be original.
  • Images should be a 3:1 ratio and a minimum of 1500x500 pixels
  • Please include the student’s name, grade, and teacher. If student is under 13 years of age, please ensure that you as his/her educator are able to submit your student’s artwork.

Email all entries to hello@flipgrid.com between now and June 16th. Winners will be selected by our Flipgrid Ambassadors and will receive a framed print and certificate as well as a Flipgrid sticker pack.

We cannot wait to see what your students come up with! 

Let's Celebrate Teachers!

We are incredibly grateful for our global community of educators. You inspire us daily to always improve Flipgrid. That’s why we try to celebrate and champion teachers every day.

This month we’re stepping it up a notch.

First, we are going to make sure that everyone that purchases a Flipgrid Classroom subscription in May has their subscription for the entire 2017/2018 school year. All Flipgrid Classroom purchases between May 1st and May 31st will be good through July 31st, 2018. When purchasing your Flipgrid Classroom upgrade, use the promo code FGLOVESTEACHERS to receive your extended subscription. If you've recently purchased an upgrade, we'll apply the promotion. Your expiration date will be updated soon! Please note that this promotion is not valid with other promotions or free trials. 

Second, we’re going to give away Flipgrid swag and other awesome prizes! Every Monday in May, we’ll be posting a Flipgrid topic for our teacher community. Every Friday we’ll randomly choose 5 videos to receive a prize (starting small and building to something special). Here’s how to participate:

  1. Go to our Flipgrid Ideas grid
  2. Click the button labeled Follow. This way you’ll be notified via email when a new topic is posted.
  3. Post a video response to this week’s topic. Be sure to include your email so you can be notified if you win!

Each week’s topic will freeze at 3:30PM CDT on Friday. At that time, we’ll randomly select five responses to win a prize. At the end of May, we’ll randomly select one video from all our responses to win something super secret!

Thank you to all the teachers around the world who work tirelessly to fuel the next generation with curiosity, confidence, and creativity. We appreciate you!

Flipgrid Now a Featured Integration for Microsoft Teams

MINNEAPOLIS – May 2, 2017 – Flipgrid, a video discussion platform for PreK to PhD classrooms around the world, today announced that Flipgrid is a featured integration for Microsoft Teams in Office 365 for Education at Microsoft’s #MicrosoftEDU event in New York City.

Flipgrid is a leading video discussion platform for more than 2.8 million teachers and students in 137 countries, amplifying student voice and encouraging social learning. Teachers create grids for each class, add the topics they want discussed, and students respond with short videos shared with each other. In Flipgrid, interactions feel like social media, encouraging spontaneous, authentic discussion among students. “Flipgrid is Snapchat for the classroom,” shared Tyler Nelson, Associate Principal at Westwood Intermediate School, “a perfect blend of engagement and opportunity for our students.”

Teams creates a digital hub for teachers and students to create, share and collaborate on content, conversations and apps. Teams in education simplifies a teacher’s development of personalized learning experiences for students, and encourages students to engage with each other inside class and out.

Teachers can now add their Flipgrid grids and topics as custom Flipgrid Tabs in their Teams channels, enabling students to engage in video discussions right alongside their classroom’s Office 365 apps and documents. Teams users can also install a custom Flipgrid Connector to provide channel-specific notifications when new Flipgrid topics are added and new response videos are shared by teammates.

In addition to transforming the modern classroom, the Flipgrid integration in Teams supercharges how teachers are already building Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) with their peers on Flipgrid. Integrated into Teams, these PLNs have a central location to share and access their community related content – video discussions, documents, apps and services.

“We know that teachers are the most creative people in the world,” said Dr. Charlie Miller, founder and Chief Design Officer of Flipgrid. “We have always prioritized making the instructional experience as seamless as possible so that teachers can focus their efforts on what’s most important … their students. Integrating Flipgrid video discussions within Microsoft Teams, in line with classroom channels and documents, is an awesome example of this approach.”

“We have loved working with the Microsoft Education team and MIEs for the past year,” shared Jim Leslie, founder and CEO of Flipgrid. “We developed the Amplifying Student Voice Microsoft Educator Community course to share our experiences. To date this course has been completed more than 7,000 times in more than 100 countries around the world. We have a series of new Microsoft Educator Community courses featuring Flipgrid integrations with Skype, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Teams that we will launch this fall.”

Jim Federico, Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft Education, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft and our Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIEs) have collaborated with Flipgrid in classrooms across the globe. We’re excited to be able to offer Flipgrid from within Microsoft Teams as way to ignite topic-based video discussions in their classrooms.”

The Flipgrid integration for Microsoft Teams will be available this June.

About Flipgrid

Flipgrid is the leading video platform for social learning in more than 50,000 PreK to PhD classrooms around the world. To learn more, please visit www.flipgrid.com

Flipgrid Explorer Series: Raptors

This past October, hundreds of students from around the world joined Antarctic marine biologist Laura Goetz as she shared her life and research via a series of Flipgrid topics and posts. With over 600 video posts and 18,000 views, the first in our Explorer Series was so much fun that we decided to do another one! 

For our second Flipgrid Explorer series, we've partnered with Mike Billington and the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.

Over the two week period beginning May 1st, Mike will share unique facts about predator birds as well as engage your students in topics related to science and the environment. 

  • May 1: Topic One - What is a common bird in your community? Where is your favorite place to watch birds?
  • May 8: Topic Two - What is something you can do to help wildlife in your backyard, in your local community, or around the world? 

Please join in anytime here: Flipgrid.com/raptors

We hope your students enjoy this educational and fun experience!

About Mike

Mike has been a full time educator and trainer at The Raptor Center for the past nine years. He has presented over 1,000 programs, trained nearly 50 different raptors, and has created cutting edge educational curriculum. If you would like to learn more about the birds you will watch Mike work with, click here. If you would like to learn more about raptors, click here. If you would like to learn more about The Raptor Center's Raptor Lab, an online learning environment engaging students in science by having them role play being a new veterinarian in training, click here or email Mike directly at raptorlab@umn.edu.

Meet the Spring 2017 Flipgrid Ambassadors!

The following post is written by Flipgrid Head of Engagement Joey Taralson. Joey manages the Flipgrid Ambassador program, which helps ensure Flipgrid continues to deliver a platform that exceeds the expectations of our global community of educators. 


The Flipgrid Ambassador program was created to promote a closer relationship between the Flipgrid team and the members of our global community. Flipgrid Ambassadors ensure that the decisions we make as a company continue to reflect the voice of our amazing educators. Organized in the fall of 2016, the program now includes more than 100 classroom teachers, professors, teaching librarians, and instructional coordinators.

On April 10th we invited 23 educators to join the program, forming our Spring 2017 class of Flipgrid Ambassadors! 

Melissa Adkins
Meredith Townsend
Leah Becklund
Marc Tartaro
Ann Smart
Kristin Merrill
Kim Aarberg
Bonnie McClelland
Stacey Whitwood
Rafranz Davis
Mary Marotta
Melissa White
Lacey Snyder
Marla Weinstein
Karly Moura
Lisa Hervey
Craig Sheil
Kevin Smith
Joe Merrill
Doug Fisher
Lydia Croupe
Jodie Deinhammer
Claudio Zavala

I highly encourage you to connect with these innovative educators on Twitter. If you’re interested in serving as a Flipgrid Ambassador, please email me anytime for more details!


Joey Taralson
Head of Engagement @Flipgrid