Flipgrid's Next Chapter 🚀

The following announcement is from Flipgrid VP of Engagement Joey Taralson.


Hi friends! 🤗

As many of you know, our mission is to empower educators as they help learners of all ages define their voices, share their voices, and respect the diverse voices of others. Flipgrid was created for twelve students and is now used by millions of students, educators, and families in over 180 countries. 

The #FlipgridFever community grew because thousands of educators united to promote social learning, inspiring a movement. From art projects to sub plans to book talks to staff intros to number games to parent-teacher conferences to summer challenges, you revolutionize student engagement every day. 

So whenever we make changes to Flipgrid, it is driven by you - your ideas, your projects, your stories. And there is a big change we need to make if we want to truly empower you and the students you inspire. We need to make all of Flipgrid available to every educator. Today we are excited to do that, thanks to… 

🌏 A partner who is already supporting millions of educators around the world. 
🤩 An opportunity to make the Flipgrid you know and love completely free.

We are proud to announce that Flipgrid is now a part of Microsoft, sharing a mission to empower every student to achieve more. And just like Office 365, Flipgrid is now free for all educators and students.

😮 Crazy, I know. I'm sure you have questions. Let me address a few:

  • Flipgrid isn't going anywhere. 
  • Flipgrid will continue to work great on Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, PCs, and Android devices. And just as we always have, we will continue to improve Flipgrid for ALL educators.
  • Flipgrid is free. For real. All educators have been automatically upgraded to Flipgrid Classroom (we’ll simply call it Flipgrid going forward). Additionally, Microsoft is providing a prorated refund to every educator who upgraded in the past year. 
  • Team Flipgrid will still be Team Flipgrid. Every one of us will continue to support, amplify, and champion the amazing Flipgrid educator community. 

I hope you are excited for this next chapter. We are here because of you. YOU ARE FLIPGRID. You inspire your students to believe that their voices truly matter and that their voices can change the world. 

On behalf of all of us at Team Flipgrid, thank you for everything you do every day. 



Get Your Flipgrid Refund!


We are beyond thrilled to join forces with Microsoft and bring ALL of Flipgrid to every educator. Flipgrid is now free for all teachers, just like Office 365! The excitement continues: all educators* who purchased directly from Flipgrid after June 18, 2017 will receive a prorated refund.

Our team has always worked hard to make Flipgrid affordable for those educators paying out-of-pocket and schools on tight budgets. With Microsoft's Office 365 being free for Educators, we are beyond excited to make Flipgrid free and allow you to use these funds for other amazing ways of engaging your students!

Here are the details on processing prorated refunds:

  • Purchases via flipgrid.com - If you made a purchase with a credit card through flipgrid.com, we will initiate a prorated refund to the same card. An updated receipt will be sent to your email!
  • Purchases via sales@flipgrid.com - If you or your school used a Purchase Order, ACH, check, or credit card, we will send a check with the prorated refund. Please look for an email from refunds@flipgrid.com to confirm your details and mailing address!

Our team will be working hard to process these refunds in the coming weeks. If you have any questions on refunds or what this means for your Flipgrid account, please email refunds@flipgrid.com. The entire Flipgrid team is thankful for your support and we can't wait to continue learning from our amazing #FlipgridFever community!

*this includes individual, pack, and school licenses

⛺️ #FlipgridVoicePod Fever 🌡


📣 Challenge Accepted! We extended our celebration of #TeacherAppreciationWeek and crowned May #TeacherAppreciationMonth to honor YOU and to say THANK YOU for all you do as educators! Hundreds of educators accepted the #FlipgridVoicePod Challenge, connecting & growing with other educators by:

1️⃣ Completing their Flipgrid profile
2️⃣ Adding a Topic template to the Flipgrid Discovery Library
3️⃣ Sharing submissions with the world via Twitter

You all blew us away, adding over 675 new Topics to the Flipgrid Discovery Library throughout the month. Even greater than the number, though, was the creative range of ideas to engage learners from all grade levels and subject areas. Everything from supporting students with asking questions for Student Led Bookclubs to motivating others with Friendship Friday to using design thinking to SMASH Homelessness and beyond!

Each day two lucky winners walked away with their very own FlipgridVoicePod! Your reception of these community-generated camping-tents-turned-empowering-forts was an innovative moment in itself! We loved seeing your amazing ideas for how you were rocking the Voice Pods in your classrooms!

💚 Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your contributions to the Flipgrid Discovery Library will continue to empower and amplify students around the world. Ideas for teachers, by teachers, we cannot thank you enough for your innovation, collaborative sprit, and greater impact on education. We truly are #BetterTogether!

Please continue sharing the incredible ways you're meeting the needs of all of your learners, increasing engagement, and encouraging students to share their voice and jump into the Flipgrid Discovery Library to launch those stellar ideas from your peers! And keep reading to see some of the innovative ideas shared! United our work will take everyone to the next frontier! 🚀

🚌 Flipgrid Bus Tour: Reflections from the Road

What happens when Charlie, Joey, Jornea, and Adam road trip from Atlanta to Providence visiting hundreds of incredible educators, students, and friends? The adventure of a lifetime!

From Student Voice Rallies to PopUpPDs to Positive Noise Charge-Ups to inspiring stories to moment-to-moment reflections to tear-jerking laughs to #FlipgridCarpoolKaraoke to heartwarming memories, our first ever #FlipgridBusTour was truly unforgettable. We set off on a journey of over 1300 miles (with an emphasis on over thanks in part to Adam's directions 😏) to celebrate you and your incredible students. We returned with countless more stories, ideas, and reasons to repeat this epic adventure! The #FlipgridFever community is truly amazing and we are so incredibly grateful we have the privilege to work with you!

Student Voice Rally

The heart of the journey was our time with your amazing (and energizing!) students. We had a blast dabbing, flossing, screaming, running, and chatting during our eleven Student Voice Rallies! In addition to emphasizing the what, how, and why (aka the POWER!) of student voice, we enjoyed sharing Flipgrid's story (from an idea five years ago to what you’ve created - the passion, energy, and community that is Flipgrid) and how we live the design process. Afterwards, we loved hearing the amazing questions from learners of all ages - everything from why do you work in Minnesota? to how many pairs of shorts do you own? Students embody genuine authenticity and we loved hearing what was on their minds!


We also spent time learning and sharing with educators at four PopUpPD events. We discussed a collection of some of our favorite ideas from the #FlipgridFever community and provided tips for helping colleagues get started! The list of amazing ideas you've shared continues to grow but here is a glimpse of some super innovative use cases/examples/tips:

Buzzworthy ideas

  • Book Talks/Commercials
  • Singing and Rapping about everything from Circuitry to Irrigation
  • Sharing with families
  • Recording with friends

Positive Noise Charge Up

Finally, we were able to spend a bit of time outside the classroom relaxing and chatting with inspiring educators. We kicked off the tour with a gathering of Atlanta-area rockstars Sunday evening. We immediately had the opportunity to bond as a team and think on our toes to find a new venue as our scheduled host was a little crowded to say the least (aka we accidentally booked a legit night club for the gathering 😳). Overcoming our first obstacle of the adventure proved to be a humorously awesome commencement. Into the journey we had the pleasure of meeting up with more rockstars in Delaware, New Jersey, and Rhode Island!

The Flipgrid Voice Pod

Throughout the tour we asked educator and student rockstars to help capture the adventure on a Flipgrid VoicePod. The #BusTourVoicePod has since retired from the Time Square paparazzi to our comfortable home back at FlipgridHQ. Thank you to all the educators that made our first #FlipgridBusTour truly unforgettable! This was the first, but it won't be the last 💯

#GridTip: 🏫 School's Out for.... ☀️ Summer Learning

The following is written by Flipgrid Head of Educator Innovation Jornea Armant Erwin. In this series (see her full #GridTip Digest here) Jornea shares a unique #GridTip to help you make the most of Flipgrid!


We know that even though final grades are submitted, learning never stops. The time students and educators spend away from school are filled with such meaningful and authentic learning opportunities! With the power and accessibility of Flipgrid, we can continue to amplify our students' voices, challenge them to share their learning, and keep them connected while away from school during summer break. 

But before I jump in: since you're engaging your students in remote learning, be sure to turn on Moderate Responses and password-protect your Grid before sending off your Flip Code! 

Alright, here are some ideas to keep your students engaged this summer!

Summer Book ClubsBook clubs are an amazing way to foster the love of reading with students. When students are sent a summer reading list, they usually have to wait until the school year begins to discuss the book with one another. Instead, just create your a Grid and include a Topic for each book students are asked to read! For extra fun, you can add a "Book Talk" Topic for students to share any other books they are reading. Then sit back and enjoy the amazing ideas shared and discussions sparked! 

Discovery Library Topics
Six Word Summaries
Give Me 5
Chapter Analysis


Daily Math ChallengeEncouraging students to apply their math skills in fun ways over the summer allows them to retain, improve, and grow their mathematical reasoning. Create a Grid to begin and post a Topic for each math challenge!  Simply choose the date (schedule your Topics in Section 3 under Topic Settings) you wish to have the challenge available for your students. It's also helpful to pin the current challenge to the top of the Grid.

Discovery Library Topics
Math Around Me
Would You Rather (money) by Kathy Saunders
Mass and Capacity at Home by Nicole Wilson


Creative Storytelling - Creative writing begins with creative storytelling. Capture the first sentence of books, magazines, or short stories & ask students to finish the story based on what was shared. 

Discovery Library Topic
First Sentence Stories


My Summer ExperiencesStudents are always excited to share their summer break experiences, so why wait until school begins?  Encourage students to share their unique experiences, vacations, and fun with one another throughout the summer!

Discovery Library Topic
My Summer Experiences


My Hopes for Next School YearStudents are sometimes anxious to begin a new school year and meet a new teacher. Create a Topic to allow students to reflect on their year, while sharing their hopes for the next school year. This helps us, as educators, get to know our students before they even start the year!

Discovery Library Topic
Dear Next Year's Teacher by Na'Shara Tyson


Have other ideas to engage your learners over the summer? Let us know on Twitter by tagging @flipgrid and including the hashtag #FlipgridFever! Have a great break!


Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Brandi Miller 💫

Brandi Miller, a 1st grade teacher from Auburndale, FL has been rockin' out Flipgrid for over a year. She is truly one of the most collaborative educators in the #FlipgridFever community!  Brandi is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who regularly shares via Twitter the impact of connecting her students with other students around the world. To Brandi, Flipgrid is "Limitless!" 


I love using Flipgrid for global collaborations. My students connect with different classes across the country. They create learning challenges and correspond back and forth with their digital penpals - #GridPals. This provides them with a relevant audience and opportunities to learn from each other. I also try to incorporate Flipgrid daily into all subject areas. It's a great way for students to share their learning and respond to others. The possibilities are endless!

My first graders love having the opportunity to use Flipgrid in our classroom. Even my shyest students have confidence in being able to hear their responses before they post them. I have seen an increase in student engagement and more confidence in their speaking. They are able to convey their understanding by sharing their voice.

Jump in and let your students run with it! This is an awesome platform to highlight student voice! Look for opportunities to incorporate Flipgrid into your daily instruction because it will enhance the learning in your classroom.  It gives ALL of your students the chance to share and be heard.

Check out Brandi's Rockstar Intro:

Twitter: @bmilla84