Flipgrid Explorer Series: Code


For our next Explorer Series, we wanted to try something a bit different. We know that many of you are working on coding projects with your learners, so we thought, who better to be our next Flipgrid Explorers than our very own developers, Liz Maddy and Paul Conlin. During this two-week series, Liz and Paul will talk about computer science, how they got into coding, and what that means on a day-to-day basis here at Flipgrid HQ.

Join us December 4 - 15 to talk about coding, the design process, and how an idea becomes a functional feature in Flipgrid. In addition to sharing their expertise, Liz and Paul will ask your students to discuss a project they're working on, taking it from ideation to reflection over the two weeks. Here is the Topic overview for the Series:

  • Pre-Knowledge, live now: What questions do you have about computer science? Developers? Coding?
  • The Source Code, December 4-15: Here Liz and Paul will share their story and lives as developers!
  • Week 1, December 4-8: The logic of coding is all around us! Share a project you're working on! What problem are you trying to solve and what are the challenges? Don't have a project you're working on? No problem, let us know: what's a piece of technology that you have that your teacher did not have at your age? How has this technology changed our lives?
  • Week 2, December 11-15: Showcase your project! What was your goal? What challenges did you overcome? What was the end result? If you don't have a project, no problem: let us know what technology advancement do you think will come next? 
  • Debugging, December 4-15: Share your questions for Liz and Paul in this Topic; they’ll answer as many as they can!
  • Reflection, December 15: What's something you learned about computer science?

If you’re interested in joining this Explorer Series, please let us know at: code@flipgrid.com.

Join the discussion now: flipgrid.com/code

If you haven’t participating in a Flipgrid Explorer Series, we’d love to have you join us. To get an idea of what it's like, check out Antarctica, Raptors, Fossils, Brains, and Nature.

Liz joined Flipgrid back when the platform was in its early stages in the University of Minnesota’s LT Media Lab under the direction of our Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder Charlie Miller. Liz is the proud mother of two rambunctious children, can be seen with her iconic Mr. T pink coffee mug, and works on our visual web design. After graduating with a degree in Entrepreneurial studies, Paul taught himself how to code. He joined our team shortly after we became an independent company. Paul enjoys riding to work on his Boosted Board and architecting a majority of what you see on Flipgrid on the web!

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Scott Titmas 💫

Scott Titmas, a Technology Integration Specialist, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for the past 8 months.  He is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who co-moderates the hottest edchat on Twitter - #Flipgridfever 🔥🔥🔥!  Scott is one of the most dedicated educators in the Flipgrid community and he believes Flipgrid is "revolutionary!"




As a former classroom teacher, and now Technology Integration Specialist, I've used Flipgrid in a wide-variety of ways. In the classroom we did various "30 Second Book Talks," novel reflections, math tutorials, math reasoning exercises, Sustainable Development Goals/Red Nose Day campaigns, thank you notes, and much more. As a T.I.S. I've created a grid for teachers to view the screencast tutorials I make. Teachers are easily able to locate resources in our "Technology Integration Grid" for the variety of technology tools our district uses..


Flipgrid has given my students a voice! It may sound somewhat cliche at this point, but it really is amazing to see my quietest students find their voice on Flipgrid. In such a busy world, our students can sometimes be overlooked by us, or even their parents. Flipgrid provides an opportunity for every one of them to be heard by us, and if we share our grids, their parents. With the new "Ideas" feature, students are put in the drivers seat of their learning. I felt that the impact of Flipgrid was a more student centered classroom where each and every one of my students felt valued. What better experience can we provide?


Anytime someone asks me about Flipgrid, I explain that Flipgrid has NO RULES! Flipgrid is as creative, collaborative, and innovative as you make it. If you have any idea, go for it! Although there are A LOT of ideas on Flipgrid's website and at #FlipgridFever, teachers should always make it their own. Take your idea and run with it!


Check out Scott's Flipgrid Rockstar intro:

Twitter : @sdtitmas

Meet Flipgrid Rockstar Jennifer Saarinen 💫

Jennifer Saarinen, a 6th/7th grade Math Teacher (looping team) and Digital Learning Coach, has been rockin' out Flipgrid for two and a half years!  She is a Flipgrid Certified Educator and Flipgrid Ambassador who has a heart and passion for improving mathematical practices for students. She maximizes Flipgrid by creating topics to engage families in sharing their mathematical thinking and experiences.  

Jennifer is a active member of the #Flipgridfever community always willing to lend a helping hand. She even led Flipgrid Ambassadors in creative learning experiences during the first ever Flipgrid Summer Camp, Summer 2017!  To Jennifer, Flipgrid has been a "lifesaver!" 


#Wednesday Wisdom from Jennifer Saarinen:


  • Parents and students complete math together. 
  • Students post responses to moderated topic. Once all have completed students view to see how peers approached the problem to get the same answer in a different way.
  • Every students gets to share their voices and thoughts no matter what the topic is!
  • Staff Intros
  • Bridging from Elementary to Middle School - Student to Student responses.

Unimaginable. Exponential. Positive.

Start small. Give students a simple topic that they can all answer without worrying about what's right or wrong.

Check out Jen's Flipgrid Rockstar intro:

Twitter: @snej80

Check out some of Jennifer's grids!


Dive Deeper with Flipgrid Certified Educator...Level 2 ✌️


In June we released the Flipgrid Certified Educator badge to recognize your commitment to student voice and social learning. We have been blown away by the response! There are now thousands of Flipgrid Certified Educators, with more getting certified every day. 

Now it's time to dive deeper with your Level 2 certification! Here's what is required:

1. Earn your Level 1 Flipgrid Certified Educator badge

2. Earn your Discovery Base Camp badge by sharing at least one Topic into Discovery Library.

3. Create a short video tutorial (3-6 minutes) demonstrating how you use Flipgrid to amplify student voice. Using a screen recorder* (check out Loom, Screencastify, or Screencast-o-matic), create a video explaining how to sign up for a Flipgrid account and create a Grid and Topic. Describe a few Grid or Topic settings and what value they provide you and your students. Lastly, share a way you’ve used Flipgrid and talk through the impact. Feel free to get creative and check out the current webinars for inspiration!

When you’re ready, upload your tutorial to our Webinar Grid. Be sure to add a descriptive Title (e.g. #1stgrade, #science, or #pd). If your video is over 250mb, you’ll need to compress it (if you don’t know how, check out the simple tool Clip Champ).

You should receive an email after submitting your video but you’ll notice the video won’t post right away. We’re moderating the Grid and will review that you’ve completed all three steps and then either launch your webinar or email feedback. We will also Feature a few webinars. If yours is Featured, you’ll win a free one-year Flipgrid Classroom subscription for you or a friend!

If you have any questions, give us a shout at certified@flipgrid.com

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the native Apple iOS screen recorder, you will need to long-press and ensure that microphone audio is turned on.

Flipgrid Explorer Series: Nature


Our first Flipgrid Explorer, Laura the Explorer, is back! But, instead of chilling out down in Antarctica, Laura is heating things up in Panama! During this explorer series, Laura will guide your students on an exploration of nature and the world around us!

Head over to Laura's Grid now and have your students join the Pre-Discussion Topic: What's something that confuses you about nature? Then, join us Monday, November 6th, and send your students off on an adventure. In addition to sharing exciting observations from her research in Panama, Laura will help your students design and execute an individual experiment to share with their fellow peers on the Grid. Over the course of this two-week Explorer Series, we'll have five Topics for you and your students:

  • Pre-Discussion, October 30: What's something that confuses you about nature?
  • Laura's Adventure Journal, November 6-17: Here Laura will share her exploration around Panama!
  • Research HypothesisNovember 6-10: If you haven't heard of a "hypothesis" check out Laura's intro video! Then, when you're ready, share a hypothesis that you want to test next week.
  • Exploration DiscoveryNovember 13-17: This week, find a time to test your hypothesis by exploring the nature in your backyard. Once you're done, share your discovery here!
  • Q & A, November 6-17: Share your questions with Laura! She'll have intermittent connection but will try to answer as many questions as she can! 

Please email nature@flipgrid.com and let us know if you plan on participating!

Join the discussion now: flipgrid.com/nature

About Laura the Explorer:

Laura is a Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at Northeastern University. She first got on the Grid last fall while studying in Antarctica. She just left Friday Harbor and is now is studying down in Panama. In addition to being a Flipgrid Explorer, Laura is a STEMinistas Mentor (a science club for girls) who inspires middle school girls with coaching and experiments.

Explore, Share, and Amplify with Discovery Library 🚀


Every day, educators share their creative uses of Flipgrid to amplify student voice and foster social learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Now this type of sharing has a home. Welcome to the Topic Discovery Library!

Discovery Library is the spot to share your best Topics with the Flipgrid community and steal (in the best sense of the word) Topics posted by your peers. You can find it by selecting the Discovery tab in your Flipgrid Admin.

When you post a Topic to the Library, no student content is included. You are sharing only the Topic template and linked resources. To share, just select Actions then Add to Discovery next to any of your existing Topics. To make it easier for others to find what they’re looking for, you’ll be asked to select an Audience, Topic Subject and Topic Goal. Also, be sure to include Integration Notes on how to use this Topic.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.24.39 AM.png

The Discovery Library is also a great way to build your PLN! By adding a short bio and linking your social profiles, fellow educators have a direct link to connect with you. Create your profile by selecting your Name in the top right menu, then Account Settings.

We can't wait to see what you share. Prepare to inspire and be inspired!

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